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"Bicycles attract good people."

- John Crandall, Founder & Owner of Old Town Bike Shop

Old Town Bike Shop opened its doors on September 1, 1976. Owner and Founder, John Crandall, sought to create a community-minded business that combined his fascination with mechanical engineering, his dedication to fitness, and his passion for environmentalism. Over the last 40 years, Old Town has continued to uphold its commitment to Colorado Springs through recycling programs, solar panel installation, event sponsorship and volunteering, support of Bike Clinic Too, helping with trail work, and just riding bikes!

12 South 25th Street

The first shop opened in Old Colorado City in 1976. It was located next door to a small mountaineering shop, Cobbler Mountaineering. Pictured above are a few local climbers including Dennis Jackson and Jimmy Dunn.

2526 West Colorado Avenue

In 1980, the shop moved to a larger location. This store began selling some of the first mountain bikes. The shop also sponsored a local road race team, Rainbow Racing.

2409 West Colorado Avenue

The third shop opened in 1986. The brochure above helped to advertise the shop's commitment to high-quality service.

426 South Tejon Street

Before it was Old Town Bike Shop, the downtown location housed Central Linen Uniform Supply Company.

Since 1996, Old Town Bike Shop has remained at its current location in downtown Colorado Springs.