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New Products

Developed in Germany ION offers premium technological products with a progressive design driven by stoke and seasoned with radness.

Protection:K-Traze Amp (zip)

Ion Taze Mips Helmet


Shoe Scrub AMP

Hip Bags:


"Behold the Trail Evo. The sum total of our decades of experience. designing automotive optics, all neatly wrapped up in the best bike light we have ever engineered."

Trail Evo Handlebar Light

 Outbound Lighting Trail Evo Light

Hangover Helmet Light

"Featherweight wireless helmet light for singletrack"

Outbound Lighting Hangover Helmet light

Hangover Helmet Light

"Bombproof wireless handlebar and helmet light for singletrack"


"What we are is an assortment of personalities and humanoids all brought together by one common interest: bike nerdom. We make serious steel bikes for people who don’t take themselves too seriously."


Karate Monkey:   


Disc Trucker:

Bridge Club:



Midnight Special: