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Commitment to Service

The staff at Old Town is our most valuable resource. Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable, they are each committed to listening to a customer's concerns and goals for bike riding. Most of our staff have decades of experience riding, fixing, and talking bikes--no matter what your question is, we can help.



45 years in bike shops

John Crandall admiring the carved wooden sign that announced the opening of Old Town Bike Shop in 1976 and reflecting on all the amazing people who have passed through the door since then.



31 years in bike shops

Sales/Retail manager, discovered cycling in high school and raced bikes (road, mountain and track) for over 20 years!  When not hitting the trails or road, Tim enjoys watching motorcycle and auto racing.  Best way to spend a weekend- Camping and discovering new singletrack!


Assistant Manager

13 years in bike shops

A graduate of Barnett Bicycle Institute, Brian is a true bike aficionado with an endless supply of technical knowledge. He has completed several bike tours including a multi-day tour of Ireland and RAGBRAI.

Bike Mechanic


Service Manager

18 Years in bike shops

Obsessed with bikes and mountains from a young age, Ted grew up skiing, riding, and climbing. He suffers from a severe mountain bike addiction with no plans for recovery. He hasn't owned a car for almost 20 years.

Man and bike in nature



Pivot & Ion Ambassador, Web Master

14 Years in bike shops

Colorado Native who has been riding two-wheelers since the age of two. Started mountain biking in 1986 and fell in love with the freedom and challenge of the sport.  Being around bikes and cyclists of all abilities makes Paul smile. Asked what his favorite local trail is- "The one I'm on! We are so fortunate to have so many amazing trails in Colorado Springs!"



4 years in bike shops

From bikepacking to bike polo, Joe will ride anything. He is Pedal Station volunteer turned profession mechanic that has found his place fixing bikes and hoarding parts at Old Town. When not on a bike (for some weird reason), you can find Joe in his garden.



5 Years in bike shops

Pete is a Mechanical Engineering student with a serious bike addiction of almost ten years!  Peter enjoys getting rowdy on his Pivot Firebird 29 when he is not at school or work.  Peter aims to design "sick" bikes and components for rowdy people after college.