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Commitment to Service

The staff at Old Town is our most valuable resource. Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable, they are each committed to listening to a customer's concerns and goals for bike riding. Most of our staff have decades of experience riding, fixing, and talking bikes--no matter what your question is, we can help.



40 years in bike shops

The owner and founder of Old Town, John continues to run his business on  the same principles he started with: take care of your customers and employees, sell quality products and service, and tend to the environment.



28 years in bike shops

Old Town's manager for more than a decade, Tim raced road, mountain, track, and cyclocross for over 20 years. He enjoys watching motorcycle and auto racing. Given the choice, he'll always go for the outdoors.

Brian S.

Assistant Manager

10 years in bike shops

A graduate of Barnett Bicycle Institute, Brian is a true bike aficionado with an endless supply of technical knowledge. He has completed several bike tours including a multi-day tour of Ireland and RAGBRAI.


Service Manager

18 Years in bike shops

Obsessed with bikes and mountains from a young age, Ted grew up skiing, riding, and climbing. He suffers from a severe mountain bike addiction with no plans for recovery. He hasn't owned a car for almost 20 years.

Brian G.

35 years in bike shops

A former racer, bike builder, shop owner and all-around bike guru, Brian began riding bikes with the likes of Don McClung and Mike Rust. He also owns and operates the Bike Clinic Too, a free bike shop for those in need.


20 years in bike shops

As a 20-year veteran, Chris continues to enjoy working on bikes, keeping up with the latest tech, and helping customers enjoy the ride. He can usually be found in the Colorado back-country on his mountain bike.