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40 years in bike shops

The owner and founder of Old Town, John continues to run his business on the same principles with which he started: take care of your customers and employees, sell quality products and service, and tend to the environment.

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27 years in bike shops

Old Town's manager, Tim raced road, mountain, track, and cyclocross for over 20 years. He enjoys watching motocycle and auto racing. Given the choice, he'll always go for the outdoors.

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10 years in bike shops

A CO native, Gary was born in the Springs and raised his family in Gunnison. He's been mountain biking since the early '80s, with the climb from Crested Butte to Aspen over Pearl Pass standing out as his favorite annual ride.

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17 years in bike shops

Obsessed with bikes and mountains from a young age, Ted grew up skiing, riding, and climbing. He suffers from a severe mountain bike addiction with no plans for recovery. He hasn't owned a car in over 17 years.

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20 years in bike shops

As a 20-year veteran, Chris continues to enjoy working on bikes, keeping up with the latest tech, and helping customers enjoy the ride. He can usually be found in the Colorado backcountry on his mountain bike.

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30 years in bike shops

This fellow can be found in summer or winter in toe-shoes or snowshoes, wandering around in the mountains. When he's not waxing poetic in birthday cards he's most likely to be found hiking deep in the mountains.

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35 years in bike shops

A former racer, bike builder, shop owner, and all-around bike guru, Brian began riding bikes with the likes of Don McClun and Mike Rust. He also owns and operates the Bike Clinic Too, a free bike shop for those in need.

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4 years in bike shops

A retired engineer, Mike now spends his time making your bike better. In the summer he rides, hikes, and fishes; in the winter he straps on cross-country skis or snowshoes.

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4 years in bike shops

As well as a fully-qualified wrench, Joe is a professional track cyclist for Team USA. When he's not riding bikes, he's exploring and taking photos.

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2 years in bike shops

Eli discovered his passion for bikes in Nagasaki, Japan. A vegan roadie and cook, Eli moved to Colorado to pursue racing in earnest.